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April 12th, 2006

biogrrl @ 04:48 pm:

July 5th, 2005

petitesorciere @ 12:30 am: AMELIA COVER REVEALED!
The publication of Amelia Bingham's book draws very near indeed. While the full public issue may be a week or two away, the first copies should be available to Club members and others within the next day or two. One of the advantages of an early purchase will be that you can get a copy without a beastly barcode on the back! It will also be available as an elektrabook at a budget price.

We can now reveal what the book will look like:

This is the first Aristasian book to be published for several years. Actually it is not strictly an Aristasian book, and it is not strictly new. It is set in a mildly fantastical world based very loosely upon the early years of Aristasia. Here is the text from the back cover:

“If it be greatness to be born into a world that despises everything you stand for and stands for everything you despise; to refuse to give an inch, but to fight that world for the right to be yourself and to emerge gloriously triumphant—if that be greatness, then Amelia Bingham must be numbered among the truly great.”

So speaks Hypatia (“Pash”) Chevender of the witty, daring young Lady Swindler, Amelia Bingham. Robbed of her jewels by her ex-husband, Pash turns to her childhood friend Amelia Bingham. Amelia not only recovers the jewels by means of a dazzling piece of trickery, but proceeds to take Pash on a breathtaking series of adventures in which large sums of money are extracted from all manner of rich and unpleasant people by means of intricate sleight-of-hand and carefully calculated ploys.

From the curious Girls Guides’ Club in London to a matriarchal castle in the highlands of Scotland, Pash meets a world of daring, elegant ladies who dress like 1930s fashion-plates, quip like Dortothy Parker, dance like Ginger Rogers and rob the vulgar world about them with gay insouciance.

Enter Amelia Bingham is the first title to be published by Blonde Bombshell Books.

Can't wait? Well, you won't have to much longer!

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June 25th, 2005

petitesorciere @ 12:31 am: COCKTAIL GIRL POSES FOR AMELIA

Big photography sessions at the Castle, as the girls try to make a cover-picture for the new Amelia Bingham book.

Our most exotic-looking Cocktail Correspondent (from Girls' Town) will be portraying Amelia. We were going to pose her with a replica pistol, but in the end decided on a symbolic hand of cards - Queen of Spades, Ace of Spades and Joker.

The Advert posted here yesterday was just a rough draft for the much more impressive flash-animated one which you can see here

The book sails daily closer to completion.

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